The places occupied by the lines are differentiated as superior and inferior, according to their relative elevation.

As a rule the lowest and the top line are not taken into account, whereas the four middle lines are active within the time.

In short, while any of various designations may be given to a line in a specific place, the varying functions ascribed to the place are always analogous.

As regards the time of the hexagram, the lowest and the top place as a rule represent the beginning and the end.

But under certain circumstances ,

However, it depends on the time represented by the hexagram whether, under some conditions, these very places have a typical activity, as for example :

Dans tous ces cas, les traits en question sont les maîtres de l'hexagramme.

In all of these cases the lines in question are rulers of the hexagrams.
On the other hand, it may also happen that the fifth place is not that of the ruler, as when, in conformity with the situation indicated by the hexagram as a whole, no prince appears.