Les maisons

The house of the Creative

with is
Heaven Heaven 1- Heaven
Heaven Wind 44- Coming to meet
Heaven Mountain 33- Retreat
Heaven Earth 12- Standstill
Wind Earth 20- Contemplation
Mountain Earth 23- Splitting apart
Fire Earth 35- Progress
Fire Heaven 14- Possession in great mesure


The house of the Abysmal

with is
Water Water 29- Water
Water Lake 60- Limitation
Water Thunder 3- Difficulty at the beginning
Water Fire 63- After completion
Lake Fire 49- Revolution
Thunder Fire 55- Abundance
Earth Fire 36- Darkening of the light
Earth Water 7- The army


The house of Keeping Still

with is
Mountain Mountain 52- Mountain
Mountain Fire 22- Grace
Mountain Heaven 26- The taming power of the great
Mountain Lake 41- Decrease
Fire Lake 38- Opposition
Heaven Lake 10- Treading
Wind Lake 61- Inner true
Wind Mountain 53- Development


The house of Arousing

with is
Thunder Thunder 51- Thunder
Thunder Earth 16- Enthusiasm
Thunder Water 40- Deliverance
Thunder Wind 32- Duration
Earth Wind 46- Pushing upwards
Water Wind 48- The well
Lake Wind 28- Preponderance of the great
Lake Thunder 17- Following


The house of the Gentle

with is
Wind Wind 57- Wind
Wind Heaven 9- The taming power of the small
Wind Fire 37- The family
Wind Thunder 42- Increase
Heaven Thunder 25- Innocence
Fire Thunder 21- Biting through
Fire Thunder 27- The corners of the mouth
Mountain Wind 18- Work on what has been spoiled

The house of the Clinging

with is
Fire Fire 30- Fire
Fire Mountain 56- The wanderer
Fire Wind 50- The caldron
Fire Water 64- Before completion
Heaven Water 4-Youthfull folly
Fire Water 59- Dispersion
Fire Water 6- Conflict
Mountain Fire 13- Fellowship with men

The house of the Receptive

with is
Earth Earth 2- Earth
Earth Thunder 24- Return
Earth Lake 19- Approach
Earth Heaven 11- Peace
Thunder Heaven 34- The power of the great
Lake Heaven 43- Break-through
Water Heaven 5- Waiting
Water Earth 8- Holding together

The house of the Joyous

with is
Lake Lake 58- Lake
Lake Water 47- Opression
Lake Earth 45- Gathering together
Lake Mountain 31- Influence
Water Mountain 39- Obstruction
Earth Mountain 15- Modesty
Thunder Mountain 62- Preponderance of the small
Water Lake 54- The marrying maiden