How to consult the Oracle


Two different ways are used to draw I Ching.The fisrt one is the use of 50 stem of Achilea; the second one is the use of iron coin. This the one we have considered.

Chinise people use old iron coins, pierced in their center, showing a symbol on one of their side. They throw three coins simultaneoulsly to get a line.

The side with the symbol is considered as yin and has a value of 2; the other side is considered as yang and has a value of 3

The program will randomly calculate three numbers with the value of 2 or 3.

The total of these three number will automatically be 6,7,8 or 9.

Each time you will make a draw, the program will show you the result of the three coins and will start building the hexagram (starting from the bottom).

The changing lines will be displayed in blue and the static one in yellow.

Here are the four possibility :

6: Old Yin - this line will change and become a yang.

7: Yang - this line is static.

8: Yin - this line is static.

9: Old Yang - this line will change and become yin.

Note: see "how to navigate".