How to navigate



Result of each draw


Building of the

Drawing button


After the last draw, you will have a screen similar to this one:

In the middle : the Oracle

On top: the hexagram you will have drawn (with the two trigrams wich constitute it plus the two nuclear trigrams)

On the right : the changing line(s) and the transformed hexagram.



To acces to the different informations:

Click the name of the hexagram to find again the oracle Click a nuclear trigram to learn its meaning.
Click one trigram to learn its meaning


Click on the each changing lines to learn its meaning (starting from the bottom).
Click the transformed hexagram to learn its meaning.

You can at anytime come back to any information concerning trigrams, hexagrams or changing lines.

A help button will be displayed, allowing you to have access to any other hexagram, their symbol and their meaning.

Remember this is not a game. You ask the I ching for taking a decision.