Excerpts from Ta Chuan
The Great Treatise

The Book of Changes contains a fourfold tao of the holy sages.

Le quadruple usage du Livre des Transformations.
In speaking, we should be guided by its judgments

in action, we should be guided by its changes

in making objects, we should be guided by its images

in seeking an oracle, we should be guided by its pronouncements.


C'est pourquoi l'homme noble l'interroge quand il a quelque chose à faire ou à réaliser.
Therefore the superior man, whenever he has to make or do something, consults the Changes, and he does so in words.

It takes up his communications like an echo

neither far nor near, neither dark nor deep exist for it, and thus lie learns of the things of the future.

If this book were not the most spiritual thing on earth, how could it do this?